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Application of Plasma Processer in Plastic Bottles
Because the production cost of plastic materials is low and many advantages are integrated, it has also been favored by glass packaging material manufacturers to some extent. Then what are the application and treatment functions of plastic plasma processor in plastic bottles? Plastic bottles are made of polystyrene, styrene, poly (ethyl terephthalate) and other materials. General cans are made of PVC or PET, carbonated beverage bottles are made of PET, refreshing mineral water bottles, liquid food bottles, polyethylene, detergent bottles, cosmetics bottles, milk cartons, lactic acid beverage bottles are mostly made of polyethylene. The plastic bottle material selection is mainly PP and polyethylene. PP material has low density, heat resistance, no deformation, high surface compressive strength, no toxicity, no harm, good organic chemical stability, and is mostly used for wine, sodium carbonate plastic bottle cap packaging. Polyethylene material is non-toxic, has good elasticity and impact resistance, but also easy to coating, resistance to high moisture, indoor environment stress cracking performance is better, more used for hot filling bottle stopper, cold filling bottle stopper (such as vegetable oil bottle). In daily life, in order to avoid people eating expired food, harm human health. It is common to see the barcode text on the cork or above the bottle, such as the date of birth, shelf life and so on. Some drinks are printed with certificates, letters and QR codes on the bottle stopper or bottle body for marketing purposes (e.g., award message: one more bottle). But in fact, plastic bottle surface treatment, plastic surface energy is low, poor wetting ability, high crystallinity, strong non-polar molecular chain, there are poor boundary layer and other properties. For bar code, printing ink is not easy to stick, easy to scratch, easy to fade, and if it is a drink, into the refrigerator after scraping, its test results show that this makes the manufacturer embarrassed, its quality also let consumers hit a big question mark in the heart. The plastic plasma processor relies on electromagnetic energy to form kinetic energy of high voltage and high frequency. After the kinetic energy is activated and adjusted in the spray gun tube of the plastic plasma processor equipment, the low-temperature plasma is formed in the arc discharge and sprayed to the treated surface surface by air compression, so that the surface surface touched remains super-purified and cleaned. Surface activation (introduction of polar oxygen-containing functional groups such as hydroxyl and carboxyl groups). After correct processing, plastic plasma processing machine can make the bottle stopper and bottle body to achieve a very good bar code printing effect, enhance wear-resistant, not easy to fade again.
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Plasma carbon nanotubes are modified for pollutant monitoring and treatment
Plasma modification is a new process with short treatment time, no chemical pollution, no damage to the overall volume structure of materials, and only change the surface properties of materials. In recent years, the institute of plasma of low temperature plasma application laboratory, Chen Changlun, shao dong, polly, wang and other research using the low temperature plasma technology for surface cleaning of carbon nanotubes modified assembly, overcome the carbon nanotubes from the difficult solubility limit, greatly improve the level of its practical application. Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) have been modified and assembled by low temperature plasma technology, and a series of achievements have been made in the detection and treatment of environmental pollutants. Ar/H2O,Ar/NH3 and Ar/O2 microwave plasma were used to treat the surface of carbon nanotubes, and functional groups containing oxygen and amino were introduced into the nanotubes to improve their hydrophilicity and make them into nanosolutions. These functionalized materials have a good application prospect for improving the biosorption and environmental adsorption of carbon nanotubes. Applied Physics Letter (2010, 96, 131504); Carbon (2010, 48, 939-948);  The Journal of Physical Chemistry C (2009, 113, 7659-7665);  Some of the results were published in Diamond & Related Materials (in press). Two oral reports were also invited to the meeting. Secondly, the surface of carbon nanotubes was activated by N2 radiofrequency plasma, and the organic monomers and natural polymers were grafted onto the surface of carbon nanotubes to prepare carbon nanotubes/organic composite. The surface of composite materials prepared by isoionization system contains a variety of functional groups, which have strong adsorption and complexation effect on persistent organic pollutants (POPs), toxic and harmful heavy metal ions, radionuclides, etc., thus improving the ability of composite materials to adsorb pollutants. Some results were published in The Journal of Physical Chemistry B (2009, 113, 860-864). Chemosphere (2010, 79, 679-685);  Plasma Processes and Polymers (in press, and selected for cover). Due to the small size of carbon nanotubes (CNTs), it is difficult to recycle and reuse the organic/inorganic pollutants after adsorption. Conventional centrifugal method requires high speed, and filtration method is easy to cause filter membrane blockage, carbon nanotubes adsorbed pollutants into the environment, easy to cause secondary pollution. In order to solve the problem above, using the sol-gel method is a new type of nanometer materials, the material on the carbon nanotube assembly feng up the iron oxide, and then use N2 rf plasma activation/ferrite on the surface of carbon nanotubes, upper grafting organic monomer and natural macromolecular materials, was prepared with multiple composite magnetic nano materials, not only adsorption performance is good, In addition, magnetic separation technology can easily separate magnetic composite nanomaterials from solution, which solves the problem of difficult solid-liquid separation, and can be applied to practical work on a large scale.
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Vacuum plasma cleaning machine manufacturers on oxygen hydrogen plasma etching graphene introduction
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Vacuum plasma cleaning machine manufacturers on the relationship between free electrons and plasma
Normally, when we think of plasma or plasma, we think of ionized air or hot material from the sun. But if you assume that the free-electron model of metal is carefully thought through, the "gas" of free electrons moving in a positive ion scene is also a "plasma". In metals, the collective oscillation of the positive ion lattice can be quantized into phonon explosion, transmission and annihilation. Similarly, in metals, the collective oscillation of the free electron gas can be thought of as an agitation, or quantized as a burst, transfer, and annihilation of a quasi particle. A plasmon is this quasi particle, perhaps a "plasma unit." It's not an elementary element of a exciton. "Exciton" means "collective excitation" or "excitation "; "Plasmon" means "plasmon, "which is the basic unit of plasma, but it's completely absent. Free electrons and metal ions are the basic units of plasma in metals. There are two types of collective electron shaking in a metal: one in which the whole metal's electrons shake synchronously under the action of an external electric field, and the other in which they shake collectively on the surface of the metal. Because of the metal's effective shielding of the applied electric field, the collective sloshiness does not end up in the microscopic metal (and therefore is not easy to be as dense or cloudy as the high-temperature equivalent ionization proposed in the controlled fusion study), but only in the nanoparticles. Another kind of very common, we often call "metallic luster" also has to do with this. The second form of surface sloshing has been called "surface plasmon". In addition, the plasma cleaning is not fixed in one place, but pass, pass all things, because keeping electronic vibration and metal cations, inevitable part is no longer electrically neutral, but "polarization", focused on the local area and quasi particle properties of polarization, the formation of "surface etc from shock yuan" (SPP) so the name of a man. A little paraphrase, it can be called "surface iso-polariton", indicating that this exciton has the characteristic of "polarization". In this way, surface plasmas can also be classified as "plasmas". But this "plasma" is not the "solid, liquid, gas" side by side of the hot plasma that people think. The above is the CRF vacuum plasma cleaning machine manufacturers on the relationship between free electrons and plasma.
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Application of Plasma Cleaning in Packaging Technology for IC IC Manufacturing
In the domestic integrated circuit industry chain, the integrated circuit packaging industry is the pillar industry. With the reduction of the size of integrated circuit devices and the improvement of computing speed, packaging technology has become a key technology. The quality and cost of a product are affected by the packaging process. The characteristic size of future IC technology, chip area, the number of transistors contained in the chip and its development trajectory require IC package technology to develop in the direction of miniaturization, low cost, customization, green and environmental protection, and early coordination of package design. Lead frame is a chip carrier, through the bonding wire to achieve the internal circuit of the chip lead terminal and the external lead electrical connection. It is a key structural component that forms the circuit and acts as a bridge with the external leads. Lead frame is an important basic material in the electronic information industry. 1, the basic principle of IC packaging: On the one hand, integrated circuit packaging plays a role in mounting, fixing, sealing, protecting the chip and enhancing the electrothermal performance. On the other hand, it is connected to the pins of the package housing through the contacts on the chip, and these pins are connected to other devices through the wires on the printed circuit board, thus enabling the connection between the internal chip and the external circuit. At the same time, the chip must be isolated from the outside world to prevent the corrosion of the chip circuit by impurities in the air and the degradation of electrical performance. Oxides and particulate contaminants on the chip surface degrade the quality of the product during the packaging of integrated circuits. These contaminants can be effectively removed if plasma cleaning is performed during the packaging process prior to loading, lead bonding, and plastic curing. 2, IC packaging process flow: Only in the IC packaging process of packaging, can it become a terminal product and put into practical application. Integrated circuit packaging process is divided into pre - process, intermediate process and post - process. The packaging technology of integrated circuit has undergone great changes through continuous development. The front-end process can be divided into the following steps: Patch: the protective film and metal frame will be fixed silicon chip cut into silicon chip, and then a single chip; The cutting of a silicon wafer into a single chip for inspection; Chip mounting: place the silver glue or insulating glue at the corresponding position on the lead frame, remove the cut chip from the scribing film and paste it on the fixed position of the lead frame; Bonding: a gold wire is used to connect the lead hole on the chip and the pins on the frame pad, so that the chip is connected to an external circuit; Encapsulation: The circuit that encapsulates a component. Enhance the physical properties of the element to protect the element from external force damage; Post-curing: Curing the plastic packaging material so that it has sufficient hardness and strength to go through the entire packaging process. Pollutants in the process of integrated circuit packaging is an important factor affecting its development, how to solve these problems has been perplexing people, online plasma cleaning technology is a dry cleaning method without any environmental pollution can solve this problem. Plasma cleaning is a process in which the surface of the chip is treated by plasma, so that the contaminants on the sample surface are removed and the surface activity is improved.
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Plasma cleaning machine for mechanical equipment manufacturing surface treatment application
Machinery and equipment often give the impression that they only appear in the workplace such as the production shop, the construction site and so on, and seem to have no direct connection with our daily life. Have you ever taken an elevator in a shopping center? Have you ever heard of the "hum" of residential weeding? Have you ever seen the grinding equipment used in decoration room to cut aluminum alloy and other metals? If you think about it, the members of this family of mechanical devices are all around us. However, the problem is that they do not seem to have anything to do with plasma cleaning machine surface treatment. In fact, they have a lot of connections. Next, I will explain what applications there are. 1. Bonding the parts of the weeder and surface treatment before potting Because the weeding machine vibration at work constantly, metal friction will produce a lot of heat, so the weeding machine structure, such as pieces of fasteners and function of reliability and safety of the demand is higher, usually in the glue or potting before these plastic, metal materials and other accessories for plasma surface treatment, is of great help to improve the quality of products. 2. Plasma surface treatment before assembly of lift components and bonding of environmental protection materials The operation of the lift involves the safety of people and property, so it is necessary to ensure the safety, reliability and stability of the relevant facilities. Plasma surface treatment technology can remove the release agent and organic pollutants of plastic, rubber, glass, metal and other materials. Plasma cleaning machine can improve the bonding performance between various environmental protection materials, and provide a strong guarantee for the surface bonding, sealing and other quality. 3. Plasma surface treatment before processing of grinding and cutting equipment accessories. In the research and development of advanced metal abrasive cutting products, plasma cleaning machine commonly used by plasma surface treatment process to improve the cleanliness of metal material surface, and can activate the metal surface, increase its bond strength with synthetic resin, synthetic diamond and the whole of the metal body tightly bonding, to ensure the durability and reliability of the product. 4. Plasma surface treatment before mechanical equipment communication cable printing, inkjet, potting and bonding Communication cables is indispensable to any machinery and equipment, materials, and communication cable insulation material is made up of different plastic polymer, some plastic polymer with low surface energy, almost no polarity, after plasma surface treatment, can remove dirt, form the active group, improve printing, inkjet, potting, bonding process, etc. From objectively, domestic or domestic sales of machinery and equipment, the parts used in the process of processing or assembling the plasma cleaning machine plasma surface treatment technology is relatively more, along with the continuous development of our country's economy, the quality of people's lives and safety consciousness gradually improve, believe that the application of plasma surface treatment on mechanical equipment technology will be more and more! Low-temperature plasma treatment equipment has been widely used in plasma cleaning, plasma etching, plasma spraying, plasma ash, plasma surface modification and other aspects. The use of plasma surface treatment, can improve the wettability of the material surface, so that a variety of materials can be coated, coating and other operations, enhance the viscosity, adhesion, while removing organic pollutants, oxide layer, oil or grease.
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