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Liquid crystal automatic terminal plasma cleaning machine to enhance surface adhesion
Liquid crystal terminal automatic plasma cleaning machine adopts low temperature plasma cold arc discharge technology. Cleaning efficiency is high and processing speed is fast. A variety of nozzles can be selected, available gases :N2, H2, CDA(air), etc. No preheating is required and can be started and stopped at any time. It can be operated online or offline, with low operating cost, no pollution, no static residual, no arc, small size, easy installation and maintenance. Liquid crystal automatic terminal plasma cleaning machine products can be applied to the industry In-cell, On-cell, OGS full fitting screen STN-LCD, TFT-LCD and so on. LCD automatic terminal plasma cleaning machine Plasma cleaning machine surface treatment process characteristics; 1. The plasma flow is neutral, no charge, can be used for surface treatment of various polymers, metals, rubber, liquid crystal terminals, printed circuit boards and other materials to improve the bonding ability; 2. Improve the bonding strength of plastic parts, such as PP material after treatment can be increased several times, most plastic parts after treatment can make the surface can reach more than 60 dynes; 3. After plasma treatment, the surface performance is durable and stable for a long time; 4. Dry treatment without pollution, no waste water, in line with environmental protection requirements; 5. The output temperature is moderate, which will not cause damage and deformation to the workpiece. 6. The processing width can be adjusted, whether it is processing narrow edges and small grooves or large areas can be processed. 7. Adopt special electrode material, which can reduce pollution and avoid secondary pollution of workpiece. 8. The power can be adjusted continuously, the nozzle structure can be adjusted according to the need, can adapt to different processing width. 9. Very low failure rate, avoid production stagnation, high stability. CRF team engaged in plasma equipment manufacturing for many years, has successfully developed a variety of plasma cleaning machine equipment. In order to meet the market demand, the equipment has good stability, self-inspection, fault alarm, small size, easy to carry and other advantages, has been widely used in cable, electronics, food, automotive, liquid crystal, chip semiconductor and other industries in the cleaning process.
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Atmospheric jet direct injection rotary plasma cleaning machine type summary
Jet plasma cleaning machine is simple in structure, easy to install, suitable for plastic, rubber, metal, glass, ceramic, paper and other materials of surface treatment, cleaning, modification, bonding adhesion, has been widely used in printing, packaging, electronics, automotive and other industries. The jet plasma cleaning machine can be classified as follows according to different structures and functions. One,according to the plasma spray gun can rotate the different, divided into direct injection jet type plasma cleaning machine and jet type rotating plasma cleaning machine: 1, direct injection plasma cleaning machine ejected plasma energy concentration, high temperature, more suitable for the treatment of pointlike and linear, temperature is not very sensitive to the material surface, according to the size of the nozzle can handle 1mm, 5mm, 10mm and other width. 2, atmospheric jet rotating plasma cleaning machine ejected plasma is more dispersed, moderate temperature, more suitable for processing surface shape, slightly sensitive to temperature material surface, according to the size of its rotating nozzle can be processed width of 20mm, 50mm, 60mm, 80mm, etc. The nozzle of the jet rotating plasma cleaning machine has three kinds of rotation modes: DC motor drive, stepping motor drive and hollow electric motor drive: 1, the nozzle is driven by a DC motor rotation characteristics: fast rotation speed, up to 3000 RPM, the need to replace the brush and bearing regularly. 2, Features of stepping motor driving nozzle rotation: Rotating speed is moderate, can reach 2500 RPM, no brush, need to replace the bearing regularly, motor stability is good. 3, Hollow motor drive rotating characteristics: rotating speed is slightly slower, 1800-2000 revolutions per minute, no brush and bearing, motor stability is good. Two, according to whether connected with the assembly line or automatic connection is different, can be divided into independent atmospheric jet plasma cleaning machine and online atmospheric jet plasma cleaning machine: 1, independent (single machine) air jet plasma cleaning machine, namely plasma generator and plasma nozzle. Generally, there are mounting holes on the upper part of the spray gun. Users can process and install jigs according to their needs, and they can be matched arbitrarily on the assembly line. 2, online (wired) atmospheric jet plasma cleaning machine, that is, according to the processing purpose of customer products, production capacity, production lines and process characteristics of the design, can be installed directly on the assembly line, most cases by customer customization. Three, according to the number of spray guns that the plasma generator supports the discharge, the spray gun can be divided into single nozzle atmospheric jet plasma cleaning machine and multi-nozzle atmospheric jet plasma cleaning machine: 1, a single spray gun atmospheric jet plasma cleaning machine, that is, the plasma generator (host) is equipped with a spray gun, power regulation directly on the host, the operation is relatively simple. The power adjustment range of each manufacturer is different, and the general rated power is 600~1000W. 2, multi-gun atmospheric jet plasma cleaning machine, is actually composed of a number of plasma generators (host), each plasma generator corresponds to a spray gun, its power, the adjustment of the size of the airflow are concentrated on a control panel. Configuration can be provided according to user requirements, which can be operated through manual or human-machine interface.
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Atmospheric pressure plasma cleaning machine factory equipment features
Atmospheric pressure plasma cleaning machine surface treatment device, namely single electrode plasma processor, in the low temperature plasma produced by low temperature plasma, the ions and electrons can be up to 7 to 10 ev, can deal with polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (PE), polyvinyl chloride (PUL), propylene oxide (PTFE/Teflon), polystyrene (PS), ABS, P ester (PET), polyurethane (PUL), polyformaldehyde, Teflon (PTFE/Teflon), vinyl, nylon, rubber, glass, organic glass, all kinds of high polymer materials such as ABS and glass ceramics. Even for fluoroplastics, silicone rubber and other extremely difficult polymer materials, after treatment, its surface tension can reach 65~70 dyne/cm or even higher, so as to improve its adhesion. Due to its high ion and electron energy, the single electrode can be designed into various shapes in a wide range of RF low-temperature plasma, especially suitable for surface modification of a variety of 2D and 3D polymer materials. After low temperature plasma surface treatment, the surface of the material will undergo many physical and chemical changes, or etching phenomenon (hardly visible to the naked eye), or the formation of dense crosslinking layer, or the introduction of polar groups containing oxygen, respectively to improve the hydrophilicity, bonding, compatibility, biocompatibility and electrical properties. Atmospheric atmospheric pressure plasma cleaning machine technology is widely used in the field of surface modification because of its simple process, convenient operation, fast processing speed, good treatment effect, small environmental pollution, energy saving and other advantages. Thank you for your attention and support to Chengfeng Intelligent Plasma Curing Machine Factory, the company is committed to providing users with comprehensive surface performance treatment and testing solutions, independent research and development, production and sales of plasma equipment. Over the years, our team is committed to the surface performance research, adhere to the purpose of continuous innovation, as well as professional quality service, has won the unanimous recognition of the majority of users at home and abroad.
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Common faults and treatment of atmospheric plasma cleaning machine manufacturers
Atmospheric jet plasma cleaning machine has the advantages of high cleaning efficiency, modified etching to improve adhesion and other advantages, online production, environmental friendly and so on. In today's world, people is higher and higher requirement for the quality of products, cosmetics packaging industry, electronic industry, automobile industry, new energy industry and so on all need to use air jetting plasma cleaning machine to improve the quality of the products to reduce the defective rate, therefore, atmospheric jsog plasma cleaning machine the normal operation of the UPH for each factory (capacity) plays a decisive role. Once the atmospheric jet plasma cleaning machine fails, if it can not be eliminated in time, it will bring huge economic losses to enterprises. Atmospheric plasma cleaning machine and vacuum plasma cleaning machine, mechanical structure is relatively simple, in order to ensure production efficiency, the operator must have a certain ability to operate, the common troubleshooting methods are as follows: First, when the air jet plasma cleaning machine starts up, there is no plasma ejection can be divided into two situations: 1, the LCD panel does not display, the red LED indicator light is not bright: Countermeasures: Please check whether the power supply is normal and whether the power plug is in bad contact. 2, LCD display, red LED light flash (5 times per second); Countermeasures: A. Check whether the high-voltage wire falls off or is damaged, and replace it if it is damaged; B. If there is no problem with the high voltage wire, it may be the fault of the main board. Please contact the supplier to solve it as soon as possible. Two, the atmosphere jet type plasma cleaning machine after boot, instantly stop running for a period of time, red LED indicator light slowly flashing (1 times/second) : Action: Check the pressure of the pressure gauge is normal. If the pressure is too low or too high, adjust the pressure of the pressure gauge to this range. Check whether there is air leakage at the trachea connection and whether the trachea is damaged. If it is damaged, please replace the leaky joint with the damaged trachea. Three, atmospheric jet type plasma cleaning machine discharge inhomogeneity: 1. The sprinkler head should be replaced regularly: Atmospheric jet type plasma cleaning machine plasma is in the gas ionization by the nozzle spray, long time use will cause loss, will also make the nozzle internal carbonization phenomenon, and the serious loss of the nozzle will produce particles, affect the treatment effect of products, and then affect the quality of products. 2. Replace the inner electrode regularly: The inner electrode is consumable and should be checked frequently. If the loss depth is found to be around 2mm, it should be replaced. The discharge effect of atmospheric jet plasma cleaning machine will be seriously affected if the inner electrode is not replaced in time.
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Wafer plasma cleaning machine source manufacturers
Wafer cleaning is divided into wet cleaning and dry cleaning, plasma cleaning belongs to the latter, mainly used to remove invisible surface contaminants on the wafer surface. In the process of cleaning, first put the chip in the vacuum reaction chamber of plasma cleaning machine, and then pumping air into vacuum state, after reaching a certain degree of vacuum, introducing the reaction gas, the reaction gas ionization plasma formation, and the chip surface, chemical and physical reactions between the volatile substances was siphoned off, make the chip surface clean water. A plasma cleaning machine for cleaning wafers: 1-1: Plasma cleaning of wafers is performed in cleanrooms of class 1000 and above, which requires extremely high particles. Any excessive particles can cause irreparable defects in the wafer. Therefore, the cavity of the plasma cleaning machine must first be aluminum, rather than stainless steel; The sliding part of the bracket where the wafer is placed should be made of materials that are not easy to produce dust and be corroded by plasma. Electrodes and brackets are easy to remove and maintain. 1-2: The electrode spacing, layer number and gas path distribution in the reaction chamber of plasma cleaner have great influence on the uniformity of wafer processing, and these indexes need to be optimized through continuous experiments. 1-3: In the process of plasma cleaning, there will be a certain amount of heat accumulation. It is necessary to keep the temperature of the electrode plate within a certain range, so the electrodes of the plasma cleaning machine are usually cooled by water. 1-4 The relatively high capacity of the multielectrode plasma cleaner allows multiple wafers to be placed on each bracket as needed, making it ideal for the removal of lithographic substrates for 4 "and 6" wafers used for discrete semiconductor devices and power electronic components. Two, plasma cleaning machine for wafer level packaging pretreatment: 2-1: WaferLevelPackage(WLP) is an advanced chip packaging method, that is, after the whole wafer production is completed, directly on the wafer packaging test, and then cut the whole wafer into a single core; The electrical connection uses copper bumps instead of lead bonding, so there is no lead bonding or glue filling process. 2-2: The purpose of wafer level packaging pretreatment is to remove the surface inorganic, reduce the oxide layer, increase the surface roughness of copper and improve the reliability of products. 2-3: Due to the needs of production capacity, there will be significant differences in the design of vacuum reaction chamber, electrode structure, airflow distribution, water cooling device, uniformity and other aspects. 2-4: After the chip is made, the residual photoresist cannot be wet-cleaned, but can only be removed by plasma. But the thickness of photoresist can not be determined, the corresponding process parameters need to be adjusted.  
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Plasma cleaning machine controller
Plasma cleaning machine equipment is a kind of new technology equipment used for surface treatment of electronic components and polymer materials. It is generally believed that plasma equipment has automatic control system, and the reliability and reliability of the automatic control system of the new technology machine equipment is more strict than the general equipment, the control system is as important to the equipment as the human brain. So what requirements does the device need to be met by the controller? In order to ensure that each sub-system can work normally, the plasma cleaning machine has an automatic control system (controller), which can issue work instructions to each sub-system. Systems are like our brains, and when instructed, they assign tasks to each structure to complete. There are many kinds of control panels sold on the market, the quality and price are very different, the reliability and service life of the control panel are also different. Many customers in the purchase of equipment, will stipulate the cleaning machine parts should be used which manufacturer's model specifications, some parts use domestic suppliers, some key parts are imported, manufacturers in the manufacturing process will be according to customer requirements for assembly configuration. In the production and processing of equipment, customers with higher requirements require plasma cleaning machine manufacturers equipped with imported controllers, imported controllers are expensive, but because of its reliability and service cycle and other reasons, often get the approval of manufacturers. Of course, some of the technical strength of the domestic controller manufacturers even reach the standards of imports. The control board is the key to monitor and manipulate the modulus of the control board of the vacuum plasma cleaning machine. The processing process is very complex, and the actual operation of logic and data information is carried out. Therefore, the vacuum machine can choose the high-precision control board. The key of the control board of atmospheric plasma cleaning equipment is used for precise positioning, simulation, logic operation and the setting and management of the main parameters. The PLC is used for accurate positioning and analog acquisition, and the main parameters of the system are monitored in real time according to the touch screen of the Ethernet port. Plasma cleaning machine is divided into vacuum and non-vacuum two types, non-vacuum is atmospheric pressure, or atmospheric pressure plasma cleaning machine, non-vacuum plasma cleaning machine, mainly used to clean flat objects, like mobile phone glass cover plate, or some small range of cleaning.
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