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Application field

Application field

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Application field
Heavy industry
Used in the treatment of battery separators to improve alkali absorption and hydrophilicity. The battery separators are all polymer materials with weak polarity. It is difficult for molecules to penetrate. After plasma treatment, the surface characteristics of the material are improved, and the battery performance is greatly improved.
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Medical industry
Urinary catheters have brought good news to patients who need indwelling urinary catheters, and are used more and more clinically. However, with the increase in their applications, the difficulty of catheter removal has become more and more common. Especially for long-term indwelling urinary catheters, sometimes due to the aging of the rubber, the balloon lumen will be blocked, and it may cause serious complications when forcibly removed. In order to prevent the aging of the surface of silicone rubber in contact with the human body, oxygen plasma treatment is required on the surface.
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Semiconductor chip industry
The bonding between the chip and the package substrate is often two materials with different properties. The surface of the material is usually hydrophobic and inert, and its surface bonding performance is poor. The interface is prone to voids during the bonding process. After sealing and packaging The chip brings great hidden dangers. Plasma treatment on the surface of the chip and the package substrate can effectively increase the surface activity, greatly improve the fluidity of the bonding epoxy resin on the surface, and improve the adhesion of the chip and the package substrate. Junction wettability reduces the delamination between the chip and the substrate, improves the thermal conductivity, improves the reliability and stability of the IC package, and increases the life of the product.
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Automotive Manufacturing
With the development of economy, consumers have higher and higher requirements for automobile performance, such as automobile appearance, operating comfort, reliability, and durability. In order to meet the requirements of consumers, automakers pay more attention to detail optimization and improvement when producing cars, such as
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New energy industry
Using plasma technology to bombard the surface of the material can effectively remove surface contaminants and greatly improve the hydrophilicity of the workpiece surface. The angle of the water droplets after cleaning is less than 5 degrees, laying a good foundation for the next process.
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Consumer electronics industry
Used to clean Wafer and remove surface photoresist. It has a high degree of uniformity and a stable etching rate.
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