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FPC circuit board chip plasma cleaning machine application
Plasma activation in the electronics industry, cleaning process is the key to reduce the cost, high reliability, process technology, before the chip PCB conductive coating, first plasma activation cleaning processing, fine cleaning and in addition to electrostatic plasma cleaning machine, and guaranteeing the strong adhesion of the coating, the plasma surface cleaning technology in the field of chip packaging, can choose atmospheric pressure or vacuum equipment for processing. One is the plastic window part of the isoionization treatment, due to the use of isoionization treatment technology, so that the surface performance of the material has been improved, so that the coating distribution is more uniform, which not only makes the product looks impeccable, but also greatly reduce the rejection rate in the production process. Application of plasma cleaning machine in FPC circuit board industry: As the substrate of electronic components, printed circuit board has conductivity, which poses a challenge to the use of atmospheric pressure process to treat printed circuit board. Any surface pretreatment method, even if only generates a small potential, may cause short circuit, resulting in wiring and electronic device damage. For this type of electronic application, the special property of plasma cleaning machine processing technology opens up new possibilities for industrial applications in this field. Application of plasma cleaning machine in silicon wafer and chip industry: Silicon wafers, chips and high-performance semiconductors are highly sensitive electronic components, and plasma cleaning machine technology as a manufacturing process is also developing with the development of these technologies. The development of plasma technology in atmospheric environment provides a new application prospect for plasma cleaning, especially plays an important role in automatic production.
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What is the function of plasma surface treatment equipment
Plasma surface treatment equipment provides the ability to change the surface of a material to improve surface energy, adhesion, printing and wetting. The plasma also provides the ability to coat a water-resistant product. In fact, almost any material can be treated with plasma. The contaminants treated by plasma surface treatment devices are usually invisible and on the nanoscale. This contamination can affect an object's ability to interact with other substances, such as glue or ink. Using plasma to treat the surface of the object, organic matter can be removed. Plasma surface treatment equipment can improve the bond or solder bonding strength, improve the reliability of printing. This process is suitable for shiny plastics and rubber, which can be printed and bonded after impurities are removed. What is the role of plasma surface treatment equipment? Surface Activation and Etching of Materials: Any plasma surface modification method without chemical treatment is called dry etching. All plasma cleaning products are dry etched during the plasma etching process. Plasma etching is similar to plasma cleaning. In plasma etching, however, the purpose is to remove the treated surface layer impurities. Plasma surface treatment: Oxygen plasma treatment is a commonly used dry etching method at present. Oxygen (sometimes mixed with argon) is used to treat aluminium, stainless steel, glass, plastics and ceramic surfaces. Plasma activation: Slight changes to the activated surface allow for better printing or bonding. Etching machines allow plasma erosion of printed circuit boards to improve their adhesive properties, such as adhesion and veneability. Plasma surface modification: Plasma surface treatment equipment modification refers to the cleaning of the product to improve its printing or bonding ability. The purpose of plasma cleaning is to remove organic contaminants from the surface. Plasma treats the surface of your product to accept adhesives or printing inks. Often used to modify the surface of polytetrafluoroethylene or plastic plasmas, it actually changes the surface of the material, leaving free radicals that stick to the glue or ink.
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The cleaning principle of vacuum plasma cleaning machine is introduced
Vacuum plasma cleaning machine can be widely used for surface activation modification of materials to improve adhesion, etc., the following introduction to the whole cleaning principle of vacuum plasma cleaning machine: 1) The cleaned workpiece is sent into the vacuum plasma cleaning machine chamber and fixed, the operating device is started and the exhaust is started, so that the vacuum degree of the vacuum chamber reaches the standard 10Pa, and the usual discharge time takes about a few minutes. 2) The gas used for plasma cleaning is introduced into the vacuum chamber, and the pressure in the chamber is kept stable. According to different cleaning materials, oxygen, argon, hydrogen, nitrogen, carbon tetrafluoride and other gases can be used respectively. 3) High-frequency voltage is applied between electrode and grounding equipment in vacuum chamber, so that the gas is broken down, and glow discharge occurs, and plasma is generated. The plasma generated in vacuum chamber completely covers the workpiece to be processed, and cleaning operation begins. Generally, the duration of cleaning treatment varies from tens of seconds to a few minutes. 4) After cleaning, cut off the power supply and discharge the gas and gasified dirt through the vacuum pump. Several common vacuum plasma cleaning machine processing materials: 1, activated metal: Although the metal is activated, the activation process is very unstable, so the effective time is short. If the metal is activated, the subsequent processing (bonding, painting, etc.) must be done within minutes or hours, otherwise the surface will soon combine with dirt in the surrounding air. 2. Activation and modification of plastic: Plastics, such as polypropylene or PE, are of a poleless structure. This means that the plastics must be pretreated before they can be painted and bonded. Usually dry oil-free compressed air is used as the process gas. 3. Glass and ceramics can also be activated: Glass and ceramic bottles have similar properties to metals and have a short effective time. Compressed air is usually used as the process gas. Validation of the effect of the vacuum plasma cleaning machine treated and untreated workpiece can be immersed in water (polar solution), the activation effect is extremely impressive. For untreated parts, liquid droplets of normal shape are formed. The treated part of the treated part will be completely wet with water.
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The function of plasma surface processor
Plasma Surface Processer RF low temperature plasma, a wide range of processing, can be designed into a variety of shapes, especially suitable for the material of the object surface modification. After low temperature plasma surface treatment, many physical and chemical changes will occur on the surface of the material, or etching phenomenon (hardly visible to the naked eye) or the introduction of oxygen-containing polar groups, respectively to improve the hydrophilicity, bonding, affinity. Plasma surface processor technology is widely used in the field of surface modification because of its advantages such as simple process, convenient operation, fast processing speed, good treatment effect, less environmental pollution and energy saving. For surface treatment of materials, the functions of plasma are basically as follows: 1, activity: significantly improve the wetting, the formation of active surface; 2, cleaning: remove dirt and oil, fine cleaning and static electricity; 3, coating: through the surface coating treatment, to provide functional surface, improve the surface adhesion ability, improve the reliability and durability of surface adhesion. 4, after the plasma surface treatment machine, whether it is a variety of polymer plastics, ceramics, glass, PVC, paper or metal materials, can get better surface energy. Adopts this kind of processing technology, can improve the product surface tension performance, more in line with the industry aspect to coat, the adhesive and so on the processing request.
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Precautions for the use of low temperature plasma cleaning machine manufacturers
In we will work on the surface layer of various raw materials to clean up, activated plasma injection, and the actual operation such as polymerization, application of low temperature plasma cleaning machine, and as a laboratory common high precision machinery and equipment, if the wrong operation, is likely to result in equipment damage or poor operating results, so today's cheng feng smart low-temperature plasma cleaning machine manufacturer to detailed introduces the common problems of low temperature plasma cleaning machine. 1, low temperature plasma cleaning machine in the operation of the switch power regulation is: communication frequency for 50/60 hz, 380 v / 220 v is also 3/12.5 kw, the actual use which provide according to the request, should be checked before starting the good access and inspection work of switch power supply, machinery and equipment operation should come out after a smooth running, and generally have a green display to show the long light system normal operation, if there is fault indicator light yellow, should stop to carry out the maintenance operation. 2, in the application of smart peak plasma cleaning machine, to bright red warning lamp, should pay attention to the machine equipment operation or vibrate, often long bright red warning lamp light, then you should hold the reset switch immediately observation equipment, if the machine is still abnormal, should immediately terminate machine equipment operation, then to carry out the common fault inspection, prevent equipment damage. 3, the application of low temperature plasma cleaning machine to clean up in time, and clean up be sure to first break switch power supply, then can open the inner chamber and the electrical control cabinet, and should pay attention to according to the standard stipulated in the instructions for cleaning, in addition, now a lot of low temperature plasma cleaning machine lumen are all hanging outside the annular electric level, and therefore not prone to the lining of the environmental pollution. Most described above several aspects is to pay attention to all kinds of low temperature plasma cleaning machine application problem, increasing along with the type of machinery and equipment, the actual operation personnel application read and master the operating instructions carefully before, a lot of low temperature plasma cleaning machine must also be practical operation staff after the hillock training. And with many low-temperature plasma machines and equipment just beginning to have the self-washing effect, the daily maintenance of the machines and equipment is becoming easier and easier.
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The function of plasma cleaning machine
Plasma cleaning machine is a new high-tech technology, the use of plasma can achieve the traditional cleaner can not achieve the effect, such as used for material surface cleaning activation modification etching to improve hydrophilic bonding adhesion. Plasma is a form of matter, also called the fourth form of matter. Enough energy is acting on the gas to ionize it and leave it in a plasma state. The "active" components in plasma include ions, electrons, active groups, metastable stimulated nuclides, photons and so on. Plasma equipment is to use the characteristics of these active components to sample surface treatment, so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning. Plasma cleaning machine in the generation of plasma device, is the two electrodes in a sealed container to generate electric field, with a vacuum pump to achieve a certain vacuum degree. As the gas gets thinner, the distance between the molecules and the distance that the molecules or ions are free to travel increases. They collide under the action of positive and negative pole fields to form plasma. These ions have enough activity and energy to break almost any chemical bond, leading to any chemical reaction on the exposed surface. The plasma of various gases has different chemical properties. For example, oxygen plasma has high oxidation performance, can oxidize photoresist into gas, so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning. Corrosion gas plasma has good anisotropy and can meet the needs of corrosion. Glow is generated during plasma processing, so it is called glow discharge processing. The function of the plasma cleaning machine mainly depends on the "activation" of the active particles in the plasma to remove the surface stains of objects. In terms of mechanism, plasma cleaning generally includes the following processes: inorganic gas is excited to the plasma state; Solid surface adsorption of gas phase material; Adsorptive groups react with solid surface molecules to form product molecules; Analyze the product molecules to form the gas phase; The reaction residue is separated from the surface. Plasma cleaners are characterized by their ability to handle metals, semiconductors, oxides and most polymer materials, such as polypropylene, polyester, polyimide, PVC, epoxy resins, and even PTFE, regardless of the type of substrate being treated. It can also clean integral, partial and complex structures. The plasma cleaner can be done independently of the processing object. The product can handle a variety of materials, whether metal, semiconductor, oxide or polymer (such as polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride, polytetrafluoroethylene, polyimide, polyester, epoxy resin, etc.), can be treated by plasma. Therefore, it is especially suitable for materials that are not resistant to high temperature and solvent. It is also optional to carry out partial cleaning on whole, partial or complex structure of the material. After cleaning and decontamination is completed, the surface properties of the material itself will be improved. Such as improving the wettability of the surface, improve the adhesion of the film, in many applications are very important.
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