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Why the power shift of the plasma surface processor is too large
If you need to deal with it, please contact professional personnel, the actual processing process is complex and changeable. The reasons why the power supply of the plasma surface treatment machine deviates are as follows: 1. Inversion phenomenon exists between positive and negative electrodes of the electrode plate of the vacuum chamber. 2. Whether the power switch of the matcher is turned off; 3, electrode needle male and female head oxidation is serious, poor conduction. 4. Whether the connection cable between the power supply and the distribution box is loose or the welding wire falls off. 5. Whether the system parameters of the plasma surface processor have been set. Test and trial operation mode is as follows: Keep automatic mode in automatic mode: suitable for the system with little difference between ignition position and coordination. 1. Connect the system as needed. 2. Switch to maintain, automatic and operating state. 3. Turn on the radio frequency. 4. Automatic matching. 5. After turning off RF, the system will automatically record the matching position and adjust the position from the next time. Automatic mode under preset: it is suitable for the system where there is a big difference between ignition position and pairing position. 1. Connect the system as needed. 2. Switch to the preset and automatic operating state. 3, RF off, automatically adjust the position of CACB, so that it is in the ignition position in automatic and preset state. 4. Turn on the radio frequency. 5. Automatic matching.
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What are the factors that cause abnormal discharge of vacuum plasma cleaning machine
Why the discharge of the vacuum plasma cleaning machine is abnormal? Please operate the following operations accompanied by professional personnel. The core components of RF plasma cleaning machine are RF power supply and matcher. Because the matcher can not work normally, there may be a normal power start and no discharge in the cavity. 1. Matcher fault description: (1) Air capacitance is only: Failure reason: the air capacitor in the operation of friction conductive impurities, causing local short circuit, friction caused by the rotor shaft damage, can not be adjusted normally. (2) Failure of imported transistor: Failure reasons: the air capacitor moving plate shaft is damaged, the air capacitor can not work normally, the RF output impedance can not be adjusted, the transistor is broken down, etc.; In the process of use, improper adjustment of the initial value of the matcher, too long matching time or unstable glow discharge in the chamber of the vacuum plasma cleaner will also cause damage to the transistor. 2. Matters needing attention in daily use of matcher: (1) Check the insertion place of the needle regularly in the vacuum chamber to prevent serious oxidation and fracture. (2) confirm that the electromechanical plate of vacuum plasma cleaning is placed correctly and there is no error in sequence; If the number and spacing of the electrode plate need to be adjusted during use, it is necessary to confirm the automatic matching state of the matcher. If the matching time is long, the initial value needs to be adjusted. (3) Confirm the initial value of the matcher regularly. Long-term use may lead to deviation of the initial value, which needs to be confirmed regularly and adjusted according to the actual situation. (4) If there is serious initial deviation, it is necessary to confirm whether the inside of the pair and the air capacitor blade are misplaced and whether there is a ignition phenomenon. If there is a ignition, it should be dealt with in time. The fixed gas capacity blade and the air capacitor actuator blade basically coincide when the volume is adjusted to the maximum; If there is a burning phenomenon, confirm whether the blade is burned out. If the burned position can be polished before use, the distance between the blades is too close, there will be burning phenomenon. If the capacitor cannot be adjusted, the matcher can be opened and the capacitor can be adjusted manually to confirm whether the blade capacitor can rotate normally. We should pay attention to whether the transmission part of the motor and the air capacitor does not rotate. If it is stuck, we should report it for repair in time. If there is a slip between the gear and the shaft, we can handle it by ourselves first. 3. Other matters (1) The matcher can be operated for a long time, and attention should be paid to observation and cleaning at ordinary times. To regularly check the pair of internal air capacitor area, open the cover, see if there is any air capacitor friction produced by impurities deposition, if there is, to clean with clean cloth + alcohol, because impurities are usually conductive material, can not be blown with gas, so as to avoid the occurrence of ignition and local control short circuit. (2) when the vacuum plasma cleaning machine matcher failure occurs, immediately confirm the placement of electrode plates, the placement of pin male female head, shielding box inside connection (if there is a bad contact, whether conducting strip in contact with the outer wall, whether too close), the determination of the initial value of verifier, interior is clean, the air capacitor mismatch and fire, air condenser is rotation (slip), drive motor can work normally, the RF power output, whether all wiring for short circuit, etc. If there is a burning odor in the pairing device or the above problem cannot be solved, please contact a professional in time. (3) The service cycle of the internal accessories of the matcher can not be clearly determined, which is related to the use environment, product treatment, proper use, etc., and the main reason may be short circuit or burn caused by impurities in the matcher.
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Why cooling water should be used in vacuum plasma surface treatment process
Process cooling water is a commonly used temperature control medium in industrial production. Its application is very wide. According to the types of use, it is mainly divided into dust-free workshop cooling, process equipment cooling, production process cooling, etc., and the application of vacuum plasma cleaning machine surface treatment can be summarized as process equipment cooling. Many people may think, plasma cleaning machine is not the use of low temperature plasma equipment, why will be used in the process of cooling water, and how can it be used correctly? So let's look at it. 1, plasma cleaning machine process cooling water application: (1) the electrode plate of cooling vacuum plasma cleaning machine: Vacuum plasma cleaning machine produced by plasma temperature is very low, but in use process, if you use a larger power or processing time is too long, can appear electric plate temperature, and plasma cleaning machine is also commonly deal with some of the products is more sensitive to temperature, this is where, according to the requirement of the user by cooling electrode plates in order to achieve the temperature stability of cavity in the purpose of the requirements. (2) Plasma generator cooling: The plasma generator of the plasma cleaning machine is the core component of the equipment. Generally, the use of small plasma cleaning machine is smaller, and the heat generated by the plasma generator itself is smaller, and the method of air cooling is generally chosen. The large plasma cleaning machine is the use of large output power of the plasma generator, the work of its own heat is also very large, in order to ensure the stability of the use of equipment, prolong the service life, the use of process cooling water temperature removal method to cool. (3) Vacuum pump cooling: Vacuum pump in the process of use without lubricating oil cooling, between the mechanical structure and produced a very high friction temperature, such as vacuum pump in the case of no cooling work, there will be rotor or screw locked, resulting in scrap. Therefore, vacuum pump needs real time cooling in use, the method adopted is to use process cooling water cooling. In order to reduce the noise of the motor and better protect the motor, the local dry pump in the design will generally choose the water-cooled motor, and the process cooling water is also needed for real-time cooling. 2, plasma cleaning machine process cooling water application: (1) Process cooling water of plasma cleaning machine: The process cooling water used by the plasma cleaning machine mainly has two sources, the supply of cooling water and the circulating water supply at the client end. For large plasma cleaning machines, independent cooling water units are required to protect the equipment. (2) General requirements of process cooling water: The cooling water temperature of plasma cleaning machine is generally controlled at 20~50℃, the pressure is generally between 0.3~ 0.5Mpa, and the flow rate is generally between 2~7SLM according to the actual needs. According to the practical application, the value range of operation parameters should be determined. (3) Real-time monitoring and control of process cooling water: All the parts that need to be cooled are key parts. If the temperature is too high or the pressure is insufficient, the products will be scrapped and the equipment parts will be damaged. Therefore, real-time monitoring is very important. In general, the plasma cleaning machine cooling water pressure and flow monitoring is completed by the water flow switch, the water flow switch is divided into mechanical and quantitative, need to be applied in series to the intake pipe, when the pressure or flow is too small, the output signal, complete the alarm function of the equipment. Generally, independent water flow switch is installed at the entrance of each temperature control component to ensure its stability and reliability. By installing a temperature sensor on each part, the chiller signal output, each part comes with a temperature sensor signal output, select the specific implementation method, so as to realize the temperature alarm. In practical application, in order to ensure the stability of the operation of vacuum plasma surface treatment equipment, a variety of methods are usually used at the same time.
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Plasma surface processor equipment to solve the difficulties of paint coating in the mobile phone industry
Mobile phone is an indispensable tool in modern people's life. However, a headache is that after a period of use, the phone's casing will lose paint, wear and tear, or the logo will become clearer and clearer, seriously affecting the appearance of the phone. The application of plasma surface processor equipment technology to help mobile phone manufacturers to completely solve the above problems, it can be said that plasma technology is a new environmental protection technology in the market, completely replaced the traditional method of surface treatment of mobile phone shell relying on chemical agents. The mobile phone shell with plasma surface treatment has better wear resistance after being treated by the equipment, which can ensure that the paint will not fall off or wear off again after long-term use. Because the plasma surface processor technology can clean the dust, impurities or grease left in the production process of mobile phone shell, the larger program can improve the activity of the plastic surface, so that the coating effect is very uniform, the coating bonding effect is better, and the connection with the coating is more firm.
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Vacuum plasma cleaning machine fault processing, CRF cleaning machine manufacturers for you to answer
Vacuum plasma cleaning machine is actually a surface treatment system, specializing in solving product surface problems to deal with residual impurities, its configuration compatibility is very important, to make its work stable, the operation of the components can not have any error. Especially for the factories with high requirements for UPH, once the failure occurs, it cannot be eliminated in time, and the loss will be very huge. CRF is now based on years of research and development, production and maintenance experience, sorting out the vacuum plasma cleaning machine common fault alarm and treatment methods. Vacuum plasma cleaning machine 1. Thermal overload protection of vacuum pump of vacuum plasma cleaning machine, please check the fault of circuit and vacuum pump: (1) In this case, please observe whether the system parameter Settings of the vacuum plasma cleaning machine have changed. If the power is suddenly cut off, the system parameters will return to zero, resulting in this alarming phenomenon of the equipment. (2) If the system parameters do not change, please confirm whether the thermal relay is automatically protected and press the reset button to start the vacuum generation system. If there is no automatic protection, please check whether the circuit is open or short circuit phenomenon. (3) Check whether the wire is broken or short circuit. (4) If there is no above anomaly, please check whether the vacuum pump of the vacuum plasma cleaning machine is normal. 2. The phase sequence of the three-phase power supply of the vacuum plasma cleaning machine is abnormal, please replace the phase sequence protection relay of the phase sequence plasma cleaning machine. If this happens, please replace the phase sequence protection relay. 3. The air supply pressure of the vacuum plasma cleaning machine is too low. Please check whether the gas is turned on or exhausted. 4. The pressure of the secondary air supply of the vacuum plasma cleaning machine is too low. Please check whether the gas is opened or exhausted. The third and fourth points refer to the alarm of the gas path control system. If this alarm occurs, please check whether the gas is turned on or exhausted. If there is no problem with the gas, please check that the equipment pressure relief meter, gas path solenoid valve and flow meter are normal. Check whether the circuit is broken or short circuit. 5, the vacuum plasma cleaning machine in the vent gas pressure is too low, please check whether the gas is open or gas exhaust, if this happens, please check the vacuum at the bottom of the vacuum cavity vacuum circuit solenoid valve is used to work normally, there is no circuit break or short circuit. 6. The vacuum chamber door of the vacuum plasma cleaning machine is not closed, please close the vacuum chamber door: (1) When the vacuum chamber door of the vacuum plasma cleaning machine is not closed, such an alarm will appear in the starting device. Please close the vacuum door. (2) If the vacuum chamber door is closed well and such alarm occurs, please check the sensor and circuit. 7. For mechanical failure of vacuum pump of vacuum plasma cleaning machine, please check the vacuum pumping capacity of vacuum pump and press the reset button for troubleshooting: (1) the processed products have serious air seepage, the vacuum countdown equipment is very short, in the operation time of the equipment can not be taken out of the vacuum bottom. (2) The vacuum pump is out of order, so it is necessary to overhaul the vacuum pump. 8. The vacuum degree of the vacuum plasma cleaning machine is high, and the system automatically stops running. Please check the fault and press the reset button to troubleshoot the fault. (1) the inlet flow setting is too large, can not maintain the vacuum degree. (2) flow meter failure, unable to control the flow. View lines and flow meters. (3) vacuum cavity or pipeline leakage, check the sealing of each joint and the sealing of the cavity. (4) Check the parameter Settings of the system. 9. The vacuum degree of the vacuum plasma cleaning machine is low, the system automatically stops running, please check whether the air supply is normal: (1) the inlet flow setting is small, can not maintain the vacuum degree. (2) flow meter failure: flow meter is blocked or damaged. (3) check whether the decompression instrument and the gas path solenoid valve work normally. (4) Check the parameter Settings of the system. 10, vacuum plasma cleaning machine vacuum gauge failure alarm, vacuum gauge failure or damage, please check and replace the vacuum gauge, check whether the vacuum gauge control circuit is broken or short circuit. 11, vacuum plasma cleaning machine emergency stop is not reset or has been pressed, open the emergency stop switch to check whether the emergency stop switch is pressed, if there is no such situation, check the
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Atmospheric pressure plasma surface treatment machine
As soon as atmospheric pressure plasma surface treatment machine came out, it has been welcomed and favored by many industries, because it can carry on certain physical and chemical modification to the surface, and can improve the surface adhesion to a certain extent. Its role can be said to be quite large, the following industries need to use atmospheric pressure plasma surface treatment machine. First, as we all know, the printing and packaging industry provides customers with a wide variety of packaging boxes. If these boxes are not handled properly, it is easy to have the problem of unglue, which has a great impact on the profits of enterprises. If the plasma processor is used, the problem of unglue can be avoided effectively, the surface of various materials can be treated, and the grinding pollution can be greatly reduced, and consumables can be saved to a certain extent, of course, the cost of glue can also be saved. Two, in the digital industry is also the need to use atmospheric pressure plasma surface processor, if it is used to spray the shell of digital products, can make the display screen bonding more firmly, will not appear unglued problem, can greatly improve the surface of the adhesive force, effectively prevent the digital product shell degumming phenomenon. Three, also need to use in the manufacturing industry atmospheric pressure plasma surface treatment machine, understand the car must have a good air tightness, using pneumatic type plasma processor can for car doors and Windows, air conditioning and other preprocessing part part and then spray adhesive, to increase the car's air tightness, for waterproof insulation has a good effect. Four, there are many metal products in the hardware industry, if the surface of them is modified by the processor, it can not only prolong their service life, but also greatly improve their wear resistance. This shows that the application range of atmospheric pressure plasma surface treatment machine is very wide, perhaps in the near future, there will be more industries to use it, its coverage will be bigger and wider. If there is a demand for use, you can buy from a regular manufacturer.
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