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Service Case

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PCB surface plasma treatment machine is activated in the plasma cleaning of printed circuit boards
        PCB surface plasma treatment machine plasma treatment of PCB printed circuit boards, which has the effect of cleaning and activating the printed circuit board plasma. Plasma treatment technology has higher uniformity and reproducibility than chemical or mechanical treatment. It is environmentally friendly and helps to improve reliability. Sex. Plasma treatment increases the surface energy of advanced materials including fluoropolymers, and provides good lamination and wetting properties without wet chemicals. It can also be used to remove the resin coating from the metalized inner layer of the products and products in the cleaning process. PCB surface plasma treatment machine         The remaining resin can be etched at the multi-layer PCB via holes to prevent metallization of electrical connections. After drilling the hole, the resin on the inner column needs to be removed to ensure reliable electrical contacts. Due to the impact of wet chemicals on products and the use of advanced materials, traditional etching and cleaning methods often fail to function effectively. PCB surface plasma treatment machine plasma can effectively remove epoxy, polyimide, compounding and other standard resins and aspect ratio resins.         Plasma treatment of fluorine-containing polymer surface, non-stick surface activation, can clean modified resin, prepare copper with few holes or direct metallization. Surface activation of double-sided and multi-layer fluoropolymer pores is a necessary condition to improve its surface wettability.         Carbon removal-Plasma processor performs carbon treatment from traditional plate holes and blind holes. The through holes formed by the laser usually produce carbon by-products that prohibit weakly electro-weak bonding. Before the through hole is metallized, the carbon compound epoxy resin or polyimide resin must be removed.         Inner layer preparation-PCB surface plasma treatment machine changes the surface and wettability of the inner layer of the printed circuit board to promote adhesion. The inner layer is made of soft materials without polyimide, and the surface is smooth and not easy to overlap. Plasma changes the internal layered structure and wettability through radical functional groups, thereby promoting the bonding between thin layers. Other chemical reactions have low efficiency and it is difficult to control the quality of the removed materials. The unstable polyimide is inert to most chemical substances.         Residue treatment-Deslagging (glow discharge plasma treatment to remove resist) from the inner layer of the PCB and the panel has no effect on the circuit. Eliminate residual solder, improve the adhesion and solderability of the weld. Sometimes, the resist will remain in the finely spaced circuit. If the residue is not removed before corrosion, the circuit board may be short-circuited. The plasma of the PCB surface plasma processor can effectively remove the resist residues in the inner layer and the panel without affecting the circuit mode. This method can also eliminate the residues on the surface of the welding seam. Good adhesion and solderability Sex.         In the process of applying plasma processing technology to make printed circuit boards, plasma processing technology is an emerging technology in the field of semiconductor manufacturing. In the field of semiconductor manufacturing, it has been widely used and is an essential semiconductor manufacturing process. Therefore, it is a long-term and mature technology in IC processing.         Because the plasma of the PCB surface plasma processor is a high-energy, high-active substance, it has a good etching effect on any organic substance, etc. In the PCB manufacturing process, as the application of plasma processing technology becomes more and more extensive, after the general FR-4 multilayer printed circuit board is CNC processed, the hole wall resin is drilled and etched, usually there are Concentrated sulfuric acid treatment, chromic acid treatment, alkaline potassium permanganate treatment, plasma treatment, etc. However, in the process of removing drilling dirt on flexible printed circuit boards and rigid-flex printed circuit boards, due to the difference in material properties, if the above-mentioned chemical treatment methods are used, the effect is not ideal, and the PCB surface plasma treatment machine Plasma removes borehole dirt and etchback, and better hole wall roughness can be obtained, which is conducive to the metallization and electroplating of the holes, and at the same time has the "three-dimensional" etchback connection characteristics.
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