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Liquid crystal automatic terminal plasma cleaning machine to enhance surface adhesion
Liquid crystal terminal automatic plasma cleaning machine adopts low temperature plasma cold arc discharge technology. Cleaning efficiency is high and processing speed is fast. A variety of nozzles can be selected, available gases :N2, H2, CDA(air), etc. No preheating is required and can be started and stopped at any time. It can be operated online or offline, with low operating cost, no pollution, no static residual, no arc, small size, easy installation and maintenance. Liquid crystal automatic terminal plasma cleaning machine products can be applied to the industry In-cell, On-cell, OGS full fitting screen STN-LCD, TFT-LCD and so on. LCD automatic terminal plasma cleaning machine Plasma cleaning machine surface treatment process characteristics; 1. The plasma flow is neutral, no charge, can be used for surface treatment of various polymers, metals, rubber, liquid crystal terminals, printed circuit boards and other materials to improve the bonding ability; 2. Improve the bonding strength of plastic parts, such as PP material after treatment can be increased several times, most plastic parts after treatment can make the surface can reach more than 60 dynes; 3. After plasma treatment, the surface performance is durable and stable for a long time; 4. Dry treatment without pollution, no waste water, in line with environmental protection requirements; 5. The output temperature is moderate, which will not cause damage and deformation to the workpiece. 6. The processing width can be adjusted, whether it is processing narrow edges and small grooves or large areas can be processed. 7. Adopt special electrode material, which can reduce pollution and avoid secondary pollution of workpiece. 8. The power can be adjusted continuously, the nozzle structure can be adjusted according to the need, can adapt to different processing width. 9. Very low failure rate, avoid production stagnation, high stability. CRF team engaged in plasma equipment manufacturing for many years, has successfully developed a variety of plasma cleaning machine equipment. In order to meet the market demand, the equipment has good stability, self-inspection, fault alarm, small size, easy to carry and other advantages, has been widely used in cable, electronics, food, automotive, liquid crystal, chip semiconductor and other industries in the cleaning process.
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Vacuum plasma cleaning machine fault processing, CRF cleaning machine manufacturers for you to answer
Vacuum plasma cleaning machine is actually a surface treatment system, specializing in solving product surface problems to deal with residual impurities, its configuration compatibility is very important, to make its work stable, the operation of the components can not have any error. Especially for the factories with high requirements for UPH, once the failure occurs, it cannot be eliminated in time, and the loss will be very huge. CRF is now based on years of research and development, production and maintenance experience, sorting out the vacuum plasma cleaning machine common fault alarm and treatment methods. Vacuum plasma cleaning machine 1. Thermal overload protection of vacuum pump of vacuum plasma cleaning machine, please check the fault of circuit and vacuum pump: (1) In this case, please observe whether the system parameter Settings of the vacuum plasma cleaning machine have changed. If the power is suddenly cut off, the system parameters will return to zero, resulting in this alarming phenomenon of the equipment. (2) If the system parameters do not change, please confirm whether the thermal relay is automatically protected and press the reset button to start the vacuum generation system. If there is no automatic protection, please check whether the circuit is open or short circuit phenomenon. (3) Check whether the wire is broken or short circuit. (4) If there is no above anomaly, please check whether the vacuum pump of the vacuum plasma cleaning machine is normal. 2. The phase sequence of the three-phase power supply of the vacuum plasma cleaning machine is abnormal, please replace the phase sequence protection relay of the phase sequence plasma cleaning machine. If this happens, please replace the phase sequence protection relay. 3. The air supply pressure of the vacuum plasma cleaning machine is too low. Please check whether the gas is turned on or exhausted. 4. The pressure of the secondary air supply of the vacuum plasma cleaning machine is too low. Please check whether the gas is opened or exhausted. The third and fourth points refer to the alarm of the gas path control system. If this alarm occurs, please check whether the gas is turned on or exhausted. If there is no problem with the gas, please check that the equipment pressure relief meter, gas path solenoid valve and flow meter are normal. Check whether the circuit is broken or short circuit. 5, the vacuum plasma cleaning machine in the vent gas pressure is too low, please check whether the gas is open or gas exhaust, if this happens, please check the vacuum at the bottom of the vacuum cavity vacuum circuit solenoid valve is used to work normally, there is no circuit break or short circuit. 6. The vacuum chamber door of the vacuum plasma cleaning machine is not closed, please close the vacuum chamber door: (1) When the vacuum chamber door of the vacuum plasma cleaning machine is not closed, such an alarm will appear in the starting device. Please close the vacuum door. (2) If the vacuum chamber door is closed well and such alarm occurs, please check the sensor and circuit. 7. For mechanical failure of vacuum pump of vacuum plasma cleaning machine, please check the vacuum pumping capacity of vacuum pump and press the reset button for troubleshooting: (1) the processed products have serious air seepage, the vacuum countdown equipment is very short, in the operation time of the equipment can not be taken out of the vacuum bottom. (2) The vacuum pump is out of order, so it is necessary to overhaul the vacuum pump. 8. The vacuum degree of the vacuum plasma cleaning machine is high, and the system automatically stops running. Please check the fault and press the reset button to troubleshoot the fault. (1) the inlet flow setting is too large, can not maintain the vacuum degree. (2) flow meter failure, unable to control the flow. View lines and flow meters. (3) vacuum cavity or pipeline leakage, check the sealing of each joint and the sealing of the cavity. (4) Check the parameter Settings of the system. 9. The vacuum degree of the vacuum plasma cleaning machine is low, the system automatically stops running, please check whether the air supply is normal: (1) the inlet flow setting is small, can not maintain the vacuum degree. (2) flow meter failure: flow meter is blocked or damaged. (3) check whether the decompression instrument and the gas path solenoid valve work normally. (4) Check the parameter Settings of the system. 10, vacuum plasma cleaning machine vacuum gauge failure alarm, vacuum gauge failure or damage, please check and replace the vacuum gauge, check whether the vacuum gauge control circuit is broken or short circuit. 11, vacuum plasma cleaning machine emergency stop is not reset or has been pressed, open the emergency stop switch to check whether the emergency stop switch is pressed, if there is no such situation, check the
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Atmospheric jet direct injection rotary plasma cleaning machine type summary
Jet plasma cleaning machine is simple in structure, easy to install, suitable for plastic, rubber, metal, glass, ceramic, paper and other materials of surface treatment, cleaning, modification, bonding adhesion, has been widely used in printing, packaging, electronics, automotive and other industries. The jet plasma cleaning machine can be classified as follows according to different structures and functions. One,according to the plasma spray gun can rotate the different, divided into direct injection jet type plasma cleaning machine and jet type rotating plasma cleaning machine: 1, direct injection plasma cleaning machine ejected plasma energy concentration, high temperature, more suitable for the treatment of pointlike and linear, temperature is not very sensitive to the material surface, according to the size of the nozzle can handle 1mm, 5mm, 10mm and other width. 2, atmospheric jet rotating plasma cleaning machine ejected plasma is more dispersed, moderate temperature, more suitable for processing surface shape, slightly sensitive to temperature material surface, according to the size of its rotating nozzle can be processed width of 20mm, 50mm, 60mm, 80mm, etc. The nozzle of the jet rotating plasma cleaning machine has three kinds of rotation modes: DC motor drive, stepping motor drive and hollow electric motor drive: 1, the nozzle is driven by a DC motor rotation characteristics: fast rotation speed, up to 3000 RPM, the need to replace the brush and bearing regularly. 2, Features of stepping motor driving nozzle rotation: Rotating speed is moderate, can reach 2500 RPM, no brush, need to replace the bearing regularly, motor stability is good. 3, Hollow motor drive rotating characteristics: rotating speed is slightly slower, 1800-2000 revolutions per minute, no brush and bearing, motor stability is good. Two, according to whether connected with the assembly line or automatic connection is different, can be divided into independent atmospheric jet plasma cleaning machine and online atmospheric jet plasma cleaning machine: 1, independent (single machine) air jet plasma cleaning machine, namely plasma generator and plasma nozzle. Generally, there are mounting holes on the upper part of the spray gun. Users can process and install jigs according to their needs, and they can be matched arbitrarily on the assembly line. 2, online (wired) atmospheric jet plasma cleaning machine, that is, according to the processing purpose of customer products, production capacity, production lines and process characteristics of the design, can be installed directly on the assembly line, most cases by customer customization. Three, according to the number of spray guns that the plasma generator supports the discharge, the spray gun can be divided into single nozzle atmospheric jet plasma cleaning machine and multi-nozzle atmospheric jet plasma cleaning machine: 1, a single spray gun atmospheric jet plasma cleaning machine, that is, the plasma generator (host) is equipped with a spray gun, power regulation directly on the host, the operation is relatively simple. The power adjustment range of each manufacturer is different, and the general rated power is 600~1000W. 2, multi-gun atmospheric jet plasma cleaning machine, is actually composed of a number of plasma generators (host), each plasma generator corresponds to a spray gun, its power, the adjustment of the size of the airflow are concentrated on a control panel. Configuration can be provided according to user requirements, which can be operated through manual or human-machine interface.
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FPC circuit board chip plasma cleaning machine application
Plasma activation in the electronics industry, cleaning process is the key to reduce the cost, high reliability, process technology, before the chip PCB conductive coating, first plasma activation cleaning processing, fine cleaning and in addition to electrostatic plasma cleaning machine, and guaranteeing the strong adhesion of the coating, the plasma surface cleaning technology in the field of chip packaging, can choose atmospheric pressure or vacuum equipment for processing. One is the plastic window part of the isoionization treatment, due to the use of isoionization treatment technology, so that the surface performance of the material has been improved, so that the coating distribution is more uniform, which not only makes the product looks impeccable, but also greatly reduce the rejection rate in the production process. Application of plasma cleaning machine in FPC circuit board industry: As the substrate of electronic components, printed circuit board has conductivity, which poses a challenge to the use of atmospheric pressure process to treat printed circuit board. Any surface pretreatment method, even if only generates a small potential, may cause short circuit, resulting in wiring and electronic device damage. For this type of electronic application, the special property of plasma cleaning machine processing technology opens up new possibilities for industrial applications in this field. Application of plasma cleaning machine in silicon wafer and chip industry: Silicon wafers, chips and high-performance semiconductors are highly sensitive electronic components, and plasma cleaning machine technology as a manufacturing process is also developing with the development of these technologies. The development of plasma technology in atmospheric environment provides a new application prospect for plasma cleaning, especially plays an important role in automatic production.
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Atmospheric pressure plasma surface treatment machine
As soon as atmospheric pressure plasma surface treatment machine came out, it has been welcomed and favored by many industries, because it can carry on certain physical and chemical modification to the surface, and can improve the surface adhesion to a certain extent. Its role can be said to be quite large, the following industries need to use atmospheric pressure plasma surface treatment machine. First, as we all know, the printing and packaging industry provides customers with a wide variety of packaging boxes. If these boxes are not handled properly, it is easy to have the problem of unglue, which has a great impact on the profits of enterprises. If the plasma processor is used, the problem of unglue can be avoided effectively, the surface of various materials can be treated, and the grinding pollution can be greatly reduced, and consumables can be saved to a certain extent, of course, the cost of glue can also be saved. Two, in the digital industry is also the need to use atmospheric pressure plasma surface processor, if it is used to spray the shell of digital products, can make the display screen bonding more firmly, will not appear unglued problem, can greatly improve the surface of the adhesive force, effectively prevent the digital product shell degumming phenomenon. Three, also need to use in the manufacturing industry atmospheric pressure plasma surface treatment machine, understand the car must have a good air tightness, using pneumatic type plasma processor can for car doors and Windows, air conditioning and other preprocessing part part and then spray adhesive, to increase the car's air tightness, for waterproof insulation has a good effect. Four, there are many metal products in the hardware industry, if the surface of them is modified by the processor, it can not only prolong their service life, but also greatly improve their wear resistance. This shows that the application range of atmospheric pressure plasma surface treatment machine is very wide, perhaps in the near future, there will be more industries to use it, its coverage will be bigger and wider. If there is a demand for use, you can buy from a regular manufacturer.
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What is the function of plasma surface treatment equipment
Plasma surface treatment equipment provides the ability to change the surface of a material to improve surface energy, adhesion, printing and wetting. The plasma also provides the ability to coat a water-resistant product. In fact, almost any material can be treated with plasma. The contaminants treated by plasma surface treatment devices are usually invisible and on the nanoscale. This contamination can affect an object's ability to interact with other substances, such as glue or ink. Using plasma to treat the surface of the object, organic matter can be removed. Plasma surface treatment equipment can improve the bond or solder bonding strength, improve the reliability of printing. This process is suitable for shiny plastics and rubber, which can be printed and bonded after impurities are removed. What is the role of plasma surface treatment equipment? Surface Activation and Etching of Materials: Any plasma surface modification method without chemical treatment is called dry etching. All plasma cleaning products are dry etched during the plasma etching process. Plasma etching is similar to plasma cleaning. In plasma etching, however, the purpose is to remove the treated surface layer impurities. Plasma surface treatment: Oxygen plasma treatment is a commonly used dry etching method at present. Oxygen (sometimes mixed with argon) is used to treat aluminium, stainless steel, glass, plastics and ceramic surfaces. Plasma activation: Slight changes to the activated surface allow for better printing or bonding. Etching machines allow plasma erosion of printed circuit boards to improve their adhesive properties, such as adhesion and veneability. Plasma surface modification: Plasma surface treatment equipment modification refers to the cleaning of the product to improve its printing or bonding ability. The purpose of plasma cleaning is to remove organic contaminants from the surface. Plasma treats the surface of your product to accept adhesives or printing inks. Often used to modify the surface of polytetrafluoroethylene or plastic plasmas, it actually changes the surface of the material, leaving free radicals that stick to the glue or ink.
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